New York Walk-in Box



The industry leaders in convenience and reliability team together to bring you an unbeatable combination. You get the dependability of a Mr. Winter walk-In plus the convenience of a plug and go packaged refrigeration system.

No additional components required
Lower installation costs
Factory built integrity
Multiple in-line leak checks
Flexible field hook-up options
No additional agency requirements
Provides extended operating range up to 110 °F

Insulated evaporator housing/ Mill finish aluminum

 Fully charged and run tested
Evaporation drain pan (no drain line needed)

Coolers up to 13,000 BTU

Freezers up to 7,000 BTU

■ SM 1: Blue Anti-corrosion-fin and Coated Copper Tube
protects aluminum and copper pipes from toxic gases generated from foods, retards refrigerant leakage, and prolongs the cooling capacity.

■ SM 2: Expansion Valve allows safe storage of foods with a feature that self-adjusts the
circulation of refrigerant as the internal temperature changes, thus recovering the required temperature fast.

■ SM 3: Compressor Protected Solenoid Valve decreases the inflow of refrigerant into the compressor when it is restarted after a stop. This extends compressor life and reduces compressor failure.

■ SM 4: 18% Bigger Condenser than the Standard
The condenser’s efficiency affects most of the refrigerator’s performance. Particularly, when used in a small compartment under high ambient temperatures or a dusty area, the package unit’s condenser needs to be bigger than standard ones in order to get the best performance. In consideration of the environments that our products may be subject to, condensers utilized in our products are 18% larger than competitors’.

■ SM 5: Energy Efficient EC Motor
Through the use of a highly efficient EC motors, our products reduce energy consumption and lower electricity costs, thus protecting the environment. Our products are designed with easy to replace motor and fan blades.

■ SM 6: Leak Free Patented Hot Gas Condensate System
The hot gas condensate system is an ideal system because of its fast evaporation of condensed water and its enhancing refrigeration efficiency. In spite of these advantages, many companies have stopped or stop the application of such a system because of its high risk of discarding the refrigerators due to the rapid corrosion of hot gas lines causing refrigerant leakage and water inflow into the cooling pipes. Such problems as this are completely resolved in our products, thanks to a patented technology that prevents pipes from corrosion.

■ SM 7: Highly Efficient Air Circulation Enclosure is designed to release hot air to the outside faster than competitors’ and to enhance the cooling efficiency. At the same time, it retards elevation of compressor temperature and keeps refrigerant pressure from increasing, thus saving energy as a result.

All Replacement Parts are Universal!